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Massage & Bodywork

At Indigo, we take an eclectic approach to therapeutic massage and bodywork because we recognize that there are many paths that lead to the same destination. Our therapists utilize a combination of modalities based on your consultation to bring you relief from stress and tension while promoting deep relaxation and greater mobility.

Therapeutic Massage -- 
Following an in-depth consultation to determine your needs & preferences, Indigo therapists are skillful in applying the perfect amount of pressure in this full–body massage; working out the areas of tension, and smoothing out the muscles that are tender. We incorporate soothing & relaxing attention to the face, scalp, ears, hands & feet and use a blend of natural and organic oils to nourish the skin (although cream is available by request.) If your schedule allows, may we suggest booking an additional 10 minutes to rest with a moist-heat pack…we’ll gently wake you up if needed!

  • 30-minute massage -- $35
  • 60 minute massage -- $60
  • 90 minute massage -- $9-
  • 10-minute Heat Pack Add-on -- $5

Couples Massage -- This is a professional, therapeutic massage for two people in one room with two therapists ~ no one has to flip a coin or feel left out! Share your relaxing experience with your partner, spouse, friend, mom, sister, etc! Our beautiful massage room is the perfect setting to share this unique experience with someone you love! This is a popular service - many folks book this experience as a gift to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

  • 60-minute couples massage -- $125

Thai Yoga Therapy -- 
Thai Yoga bodywork is a unique massage experience which combines rhythmic compression, acu-pressure, yogic stretching, and energy work. This is an effective and powerful form of bodywork in which the receiver remains fully clothed (in comfortable clothing) and lies on a thickly cushioned, firm mat on the ground. There are no oils or creams used (although at times we may use some on the neck and/or face if other styles of massage are incorporated), and this style of massage has been known to be both relaxing and energizing. While it is possible to feel the benefits of massage after your first experience, the most benefit comes from regular visits. Benefits include: improved range of motion & increased flexibility, toxin release, ease of chronic pain, calming of emotion, and energy balancing.

  • 75-minute Thai therapy treatment -- $75
  • 60-minute Thai therapy treatment -- $60
  • 30-minute Thai therapy treatment -- $35

MotherCare Massage
 -- Pregnancy is a journey, and so unique to each woman who is blessed with the experience. Let us care for you with a pre-natal massage that addresses your specific needs in your 2nd & 3rd Trimesters; this is a wonderful way to ease the common discomforts, and is soothing for the busy mind of an expectant mother. We use a gentle yet emollient blend of oils that are safe and nourishing.

  • 60 minute massage -- $60

Sinus-Relief Massage -- Bring relief to clogged, pressure-filled sinuses with this therapeutic treatment. First, hot-steamed aromatic towels are applied to the face, neck, and upper chest. We use a blend of 100% pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, & Lemon in the steamy towels as well as in the massage oil. Acu-pressure and massage are then applied to the chest, neck, face, and scalp. This treatment opens up the sinuses and relieves pain.

  • 30 minute treatment -- $40

"Awaken" Treatment -- This invigorating treat is great for the skin, relaxing to the muscles, and refreshing to the spirit! This is a 30-minute bodywork session, in which raw silk gloves (Garshana Gloves) are worn by the therapist, and in brisk, circular motions the gloves are vigorously worked all-over the body. This process sloughs off dead skin gently, and leaves you feeling like silk! Next, with our invigorating blend of 100% pure essential oils you are massaged briskly from head-to-toe. The pace of the strokes are quick ~ this is intended to stimulate the nervous system and invigorate you.

  • 30 minute treatment -- $30