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Hot Yoga - offered on both sides of the River!  Check out our Davenport and/or Rock Island Studios!

The roots of all Yoga practices stem from the hot climates of Ancient India. In modern times Yoga has been popularized and spread to all areas of the World including our Western culture. A man named Bikram Choudhury, who began using space heaters to replicate the heat of India, created the Hot Yoga tradition. When he moved to America and founded a studio in San Francisco in 1972 the heaters came with him and a movement was born. While it was Bikram who started the trend, Hot Yoga has become its own style and culture in the west and many studios have no association with the trademarked practice of Bikram, which includes our Hot Yoga studios.

A true Hot Yoga class is practiced in a space that has been heated to 105° but the format can vary from gentler hatha styles to more vigorous “power” and Vinyasa (flowing) classes, and is not limited to these. You can also find a range of more traditional styles like Kundalini to the other end of the spectrum, which includes fitness & Pilates instruction. Our studio offers a range of classes, and in an attempt to better inform our clients of the many options we’ve broken down the class descriptions below:

All Levels -- An All-Level class is designed to assist those just beginning their yoga practice as well as for those who wish to take a posture into a new possibility. This is a challenging, yet achievable practice for those who listen to their bodies.

emPower Hot Yoga -- This class is a power class which means it will incorporate the heat with Vinyasa, or a flow of postures sequenced to build strength and flexibility.

Intermediate to Advanced -- It is important to have a foundation of knowledge of Sun Salutations as well as most standing postures before venturing into this class. Expect to explore inversions, arm balances, and binds. While this isn’t a beginner’s class it is attainable to those who listen to their bodies.

Private Yoga -- One-on-one instruction is available to those who wish to closely learn how to modify postures for his or her specific needs.

  • 1-week Unlimited for New Guests -----------$20
  • Drop-in Yoga ---------------------------------- $13
  • 10-Class Pass -------------------------------- $110
  • Monthly Unlimited Yoga --------------------- $115
  • Annual Unlimited Yoga -------------------- $1,100
  • Student/Senior Drop-in ----------------------- $11
  • Student/Senior 10-Class Pass ---------------- $95
  • Private Yoga ------------------------------------ $60
  • Bottled Water ----------------------------------$1.00
  • Towel Rental (1st 2 Complimentary) --------2/$1.00

Mat & towel rentals now available.