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Moline Studio Yoga

This diverse system of healthy living has been practiced for centuries, and our modern culture is becoming more aware of the profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits Yoga has to offer. There are a myriad of styles available, and at Indigo, each instructor offers a unique experience. Most of our classes are ongoing weekly "drop-in" classes, which means you can come & go as you please as no sign-up is necessary. In addition to these class offerings are the "Sign-up" Courses, which are specific classes held during specific dates and require registration (all sign-up courses are noted as such.)

*Please note we do not offer Hot Yoga in our Moline location.

Gentle Yoga -- Suitable for beginners or those looking for stress-management

Lunchtime Yoga -- Gentle and offered Monday-Friday at noon

Vinyasa Yoga -- All Levels format with a lot of movement from one posture to the next & includes several Sun Salutations

emPower Yoga -- Intermediate postures are explored in addition to the dynamic flow of several Sun Salutations

Pre-natal Yoga -- Modified for pregnancy

Private Yoga -- Specific Instruction for 1 or 2 people.

  • Drop-in Class ----------------------------- $12
  • 10-Class Pass ---------------------------- $100
  • Monthly Unlimited Yoga ---------------- $105
  • Annual Unlimited Yoga --------------- $1,050
  • Student/Senior Drop-in ------------------ $10
  • Student/Senior 10-Class Pass ---------- $90
  • Private Yoga 1-hour ---------------------- $60

Sign-up Class Fees:

Sign-up classes are offered in a variety of formats, ranging from One-Day Workshops, 3-Week Mini-Courses, to 6-Week Courses - all with a broad spectrum of subjects to choose from. Fees vary according to the specific class and will be clearly stated in the sign-up information for each specific course.