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Meet Our Yoga Team

Shannon Moran

Co-founder/Co-owner (Shannon Moran, E-RYT 200hr)
Shannon was introduced to yoga in the year 2000 at a music festival, which also held daily morning yoga classes. It was a few years later that practicing yoga became a daily part of his life. Shannon has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher-training program through Chicago Yoga Center under the guidance of Suddha Weixler. His favorite teachers include Richard Freeman, Manju Jois, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Paul Grilley, and Matthew Sweeney. He is always open to learning from each class he takes from a variety of instructors. His style of teaching is challenging but approachable for most people, and he blends many styles of Vinyasa Yoga together. Weaving movement with breath and focusing on the creation of a state of balance are Shannon's philosophy. He encourages students to let go of expectations while enhancing focus through the use of 'gazing points' (or, "drishti")...the blending of all these elements leads to the health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Abby Webster-Moran

Co-founder/Co-owner(Abby Webster-Moran, CYT 200hr)
From an early age Abby was aware of and interested in alternative healing therapies. While she was familiar with yoga she didn’t begin her practice until attending massage therapy school in 1999. During a full-time career in the day spa industry Abby began pursuing training in yoga as well as other modalities of healing & bodywork and found a passion for teaching yoga as a means of stress & pain management for her massage clients. In 2011 she finally completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through the Chicago Yoga Center and now helps her husband (and favorite teacher) train others in their school of yoga. She is a busy but blissfully happy mother of 3, wife, business owner, service provider & yoga teacher but considers herself a student of life and loves to continue her pursuit of learning & training in yoga, bodywork, and more.



Missy Wright

Instructor (Missy Wright, RYT 200hr)
Missy completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Indigo in June 2012. She was introduced to yoga through her job as program director at Gilda's Club where she has seen first hand the many benefits of yoga for those living with cancer. Missy personally uses yoga and breathing to bring awareness to her body to help relieve her pain and discomfort from scoliosis. She teaches gentle hatha yoga that nurtures each persons health and well-being, and makes yoga accessible for anyone at any level.

Dr. Margaret Millar

Instructor (Margie Millar, CYT 200hr)  

Dr. Millar has an extensive background (over 25 years) as a physician & diagnostician, and for the last decade has studied yoga and natural health practices extensively.  In 2013 she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Costa Rica and now teaches regularly at the Rock Island hot yoga location.  In the summers you can also catch her out SUPing with Flow SUP Co!



Chad Yuen

Instructor(Chad Yuen, RYT 200hr)

Chad has taught yoga and pilates for 10 years and completed a 300-hour RYT program under James Miller.  He has done a variety of different styles of yoga from Ashtanga, Iyengar, hatha, to Anusara and Adamantine, but his teaching style is closest to hatha yoga, although he does enjoy mixing it up from time to time. 

Sue VanderJeugt

Instructor(Sue VanderJeugt, RYT 200hr)


Rebecca (Becky) Lovich 
Hot Yoga Instructor(Becky Lovich, RYT 200)
Becky has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Because of her love of yoga and her desire to share it with others, in June 2012, she became a YOGAFIT level one certified instructor at Purdue University, under the teaching of Master Trainer, Macy Kalb. Before coming to Indigo HOT Yoga in early September of 2012, Becky taught yoga to her neighbors and those new to yoga as well as several athletes (in her backyard) with donations going to the no-kill animal shelter in Milan. Becky guides students through gentle, but challenging poses, connecting breath with movement. She is a 2013 graduate of the Indigo Wellness YTT program, and when Becky is not standing on her head, she's using it to create advertising campaigns for her clients. 

Tom Kennedy
Hot Yoga Instructor(Tom Kennedy, RYT 200)

Tom began practicing yoga in Jan of 2011 in an attempt to ease back pain caused by a spondilolysthesis. and it worked! He is thrilled to report his pain has been substantially reduced through a dedicated, regular yoga practice.

Tom is a 2013 graduate of Indigo's 200 hr Registered Teacher Training program, and his favorite aspect of yoga is leaving the outside world at the door and feeling the calmness of mind and body in the studio.  "I love how there is no competition, no judging, no "one way" to practice yoga. I love how each pose has modifications and adjustments for all experience levels, as well as all shapes, and sizes of yogi's," Tom explained.  He especially enjoys the intensity of the hot studio.  When you look at his background as a career firefighter with 25+ years of experience with the City of Moline Fire Department, it makes perfect sense.  In addition to being a community hero, Tom is also a father to a 15 year old son and has been a lifelong resident of the QCs.  When his schedule allows he also enjoys running in various 5k races as well as the Bix. 


Moira Gerdes
Hot Yoga Instructor(Moira Gerdes, RYT 200) Moira is a long-time practitioner of many styles of yoga, but she found her true passion in hot yoga, as it has been healing & helpful to her chronic low-back pain.  After her initial certification through YOGAFIT she started teaching hot yoga in addition to volunteering her time to teach yoga to the caregivers/facilitators at Gilda's Club.  Her studies didn't stop there, however, as she wanted more.  Moira is a 2013 graduate of the Indigo Wellness Yoga Teacher Training Program, and brings so much joy, light, & love into all that she does.  Her classes are challenging, fun, & supportive.  When she isn't sweating on her yoga mat she is flying the friendly skies as a Stewardess for American Airlines. 


Theresa Molden
Instructor(Theresa Molden, RYT 200) Theresa loves yoga and loves teaching yoga to all levels.  She started doing Inyengar-style yoga in the year 2000 and many years later learned to love Bikram, hot yoga and Ashtanga. She began teaching at work and at home in the summer of 2012 and joined Indigo's teacher training in January 2013 to get certified.  Theresa's very excited to be a part of the Indigo team.

Erin Hammond

Instructor (Erin Hammond, RYT 200) 



Davi Michl 

Instructor (Davi Michl, RYT 200) 


Pat Fisher

Instructor (Pat Fisher, RYT 200) 


Lisa Lawwill

Instructor (Lisa Lawwill, RYT 200) 

In 2014 Lisa completed a 200 hr. yoga teacher training program at Indigo in Moline and has been practicing yoga since 2010. A self-proclaimed exercise hater, she wanted a way to get her body moving, increase her energy, and become more toned. She attended her first yoga class and fell in love! Not only were these goals accomplished, but the mind/body/spirit aspect of yoga has decreased her stress levels immensely. Yoga has become a wonderful life changing habit for Lisa and she'd love to share it with you!


Angela Stewart 

Instructor (Angela Stewart, RYT 200)